Does the Ultimate Abs Stimulator Work?

Everybody wants nice abs! Who doesn’t want to trim a bit of fat around the waist and tone up those stomach muscles? Even regular gym-goers that already have a six-pack, seem to be obsessed with having better abs! There are many exercise routines to help you lose belly fat and strengthen your stomach muscles ready for the summer.

Some people achieve this through dedication to diet, and exercise; other people prefer to use modern technology such as sit-up machines, rollers, and of course EMS stimulators such as ultimate abs. But does the ultimate abs stimulator work? Let’s take a closer look at how these electronic stimulators work and see if the ultimate abs stimulator does make a difference to your six-pack.

First of all, let’s start by saying that in all the research we have conducted there is one common theme: The key to getting a slimmer waistline and firmer stomach always involves a change in your diet and an increased amount of exercise.

There is no miracle cure for getting the perfect six-pack other than hard work and changing your eating habits to a healthier regime. Even if you did 1,000 sit-ups a day, while your muscles may well get stronger and harder, if you continue to eat junk food, chocolate, and drink soda, then those lovely abs will never be seen under the layer of fat in your body.

The ultimate abs stimulator is what is commonly known as an EMS device. This stands for electronic muscle stimulator, and it does exactly what the name suggests. By attaching an electrode to certain parts of the body, the device can send an electric current causing the muscle to contract in a similar way that you make your muscle contract when doing a sit-up or moving your arm for example.

Depending on where this electrical current is positioned, it will depend on which muscles are stimulated. In the case of the ultimate abs stimulator, the positioning of these electrodes is across the stomach, which causes the abdominal muscles to contract in a “spasm like” movement. It feels a little bit like you’re being electrocuted mildly. It’s not painful, but you certainly do feel some discomfort as the muscle contracts, but then to be fair, doing a sit-up is not that comfortable either. No pain, no gain, as the saying goes!

Is it worth mildly electrocuting yourself on a daily basis in pursuit of rock-hard abs?

Most devices recommend wearing the belt for a minimum of 10 minutes a day, and this can be done while sitting in your chair at work or watching TV at home. Extending the time of use will, of course, mean that your abs are getting a more extended workout, just like doing 100 sit-ups is better than doing 10. However, it is worth looking at the manufacturer’s instructions to see if there is a maximum usage suggested.

As with everything, always read the label carefully. Manufacturers claim that by using this device on a regular basis you are recreating the same muscle contraction that you can achieve by doing a sit-up, but without any of the exertion required. This may seem a little too good to be true, and certainly, a little overexaggerated, however, these devices have been in use for many years with dedicated customers. Many manufacturers have conducted extensive research into the effectiveness of EMS stimulators and the results you can achieve.

The result of these trials is conclusive in that there certainly is an effect on the muscle, but claims seem to be often over-exaggerated. Will the ultimate abs stimulator work for me? The simple answer to this is it depends on what you define as “works.” There are extensive independent studies that prove EMS stimulation is effective in temporarily strengthening and toning isolated muscles, with regular and continued use. Evidence-based on fat loss, weight loss, and improved fitness is a little vague and tends to be interpreted more positively by companies’ marketing departments.

The effectiveness of EMS machines is widely affected by the amount of body fat that the user has.

The majority of people who will be using this type of device are typically people who avoid diet and exercise and are looking for a quick-fix solution. This person will usually be carrying an excessive amount of body fat, which can prevent the electronic stimulation from effectively reaching the muscles. Therefore, it could be argued that an EMS stimulator may have more effect on somebody with a lower BMI than somebody with a higher BMI, such as the target audience for the use of these products.

It is worth noting that the majority of users in the studies that we have reviewed have a BMI of less than 30. This means obese people have not been included in any of the efficacy studies, and therefore it is not possible to know if EMS will work for anyone with a BMI higher than 30.

Another common claim for this product is that you will burn calories, and lose body fat, just by wearing the device. This claim is very tenuous in the majority of cases. Basic biology tells us that when a muscle contracts it will burn calories to create energy, and as such create a calorie deficit that contributes to your daily calorific consumption. However, this will be minimal, and if there is no step-change to your diet and exercise regime, it will make an insignificant impact on your overall ability to burn fat and lose weight.

To further complicate things, if the device is less effective on people with a higher BMI due to increased fatty tissue surrounding the muscles, then as your BMI increases the device becomes less effective. Ironically this means that the ultimate abs stimulator may well be more useful for people with a lower BMI where abs are already present. In fact, this is where these devices excel and can provide additional help to toning and strengthening alongside an existing diet and exercise program to give increased results.

In summary, there is anecdotal and clinical evidence that the ultimate abs stimulator does help tone and strengthen muscles, but it is clear that these simulators do not replace the need to maintain a healthy diet and undertake regular exercise. They should be seen as an addition to a healthy lifestyle, not a replacement.

Q & A:

What’s Ab Stimulator result before and after?

A: If we share our personal experience with you, then you will get a positive change after using an ab stimulator for a few weeks. But, have it in your mind that you won’t get any positive changes within a couple of days. You have to continue the job without any breaks.

When to use Ab Stimulator?

A: If you’re with so many fats that you cannot burn them out and out, in that case, you should use ab stimulator. We hope that you will get a positive change.

Is Ab Stimulator effective?

A: Yes. An Ab stimulator is effective. There are two major reasons behind being effective. The first one is we typically take electric therapy we break any bones of our body. Could you assume that electric therapy plays an important role at that time?

So when you intend to use an ab stimulator, we should not get confused.

And the second matter is following the advice out and out. Many of us don’t want to follow the formula that comes with the ab stimulator. That’s because they don’t get their desire result.

Ab Stimulator target?

A: Using an ab stimulator, you will be able to target many portions of your body. Chest, upper ab, middle ab, lower ab for instance.

What is an Ab stimulator?

A: An ab stimulator is an electric device that sends electric pulses into the human body through the skin.

Is ab stimulator safe?

A: Yes. An Ab stimulator is safe for the human body. It’s made to enhance the human energy level.

Also, free from any items that can play a negative role in the human body. That’s why you can use an ab stimulator.

What does an Ab Stimulator do?

A: An ab stimulator stimulates the blood of the human body. So, if you’re someone who feels lazy, then he/she should use an ab stimulator.

Does Ab Stimulator burn fat?

A: Yes. Ab stimulator is able to burn fat. But, there is a point. You won’t get any positive results within a couple of days. You have to go through the workout for a long time without taking a break.

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