Good Ab Workouts For Men & Women | Ultimate Guide 2021

Core Ab workout routine is the kind of workout which makes your abdominal / below stomach portion to look good. Undoubtedly ab workout is an essential workout which need to be performed either 3-4 times a week or on a daily basis as it doesn’t consume much time of yours. One can perform ab workout at home itself.

If you want a fast ab exercises then this post might help you a lot. Here you’ll get to know about workout for abs and ans workout bodybuilding.

Just 2-3 consistent reps can make your abdominal in shape. There are various ab workout for beginners available which you can use to enhance your body shape

Abs workout basically increases your strengthen by managing the front mid-portion of your body. We’ve already wrote few articles regarding abdominal muscles and it’s training, but that was all for uni sexual (men + women). But here in this article we’re focusing completely upon the men’s ab workout which you need to perform in order to maintain your body shape.

But before that let me quickly introduce you with the abdominal muscles and it’s key points that you need to know if you’re planning to begin with abs workout.

What Is Abdominal? 

Rectus abdominis muscles are basically called to be normal abdominals muscles which are basically located below the liver and in a vertical position. It’s located at each side of the anterior wall of the human body abdomen.

 As you begin the workout routine by adding some sort of abdominal workout session in it, you’ll get to know that it also maintains your posture as well which is  a good thing.

Undoubtedly men and women both have proper strength to train their abdominal muscles, the only difference is that men have some sort of more stamina which helps them in the workout session.

Who else doesn’t want a good looking Physique, everyone wants especially men. And that’s what abdominal muscles help you to reach your goal more frequently. Just a few steps of regular workout cannot help you a lot, as you’ll need to add an abdominal workout session too for maintaining the physique.

Once you begin with it you’ll surely get to know about changes in your body parts as it’s kind of major muscle located below your stomach.

All You Need To Know About Abs (Men’s) 

Most of the people out there (specifically men’s) want to get rid of the belly fat and for so they figure out various workouts which minimize their fat level. And they came across abs workout and begin doing that once in a week by rushing upon it which is not true.

You need to maintain it consistently to get rid of fat. You’ll need to work on the posture which plays a vital role in abs workout. Make sure not to rush on, because good things take time to happen and that’s what you need to know about abs workout.

If you’re conscious about abs workout you can go through a proper post-workout plan which must be done on a regular basis.

 For this, you can hire a trainer which will charge you a certain amount of bucks, rather than hiring a trainer you go through YouTube and explore as much as you can about abs workout. Once you get to know about its techniques surely it’ll help you a lot to get in shape as quickly as possible.

What Are The Most Effective Ab Exercises? 

Tons of ab exercises available out there which you can perform, but here specifically we’re going to talk about most effective ones. So let’s get hop into it:-

  • Captain’s Chair:

    For performing this ab exercise you’ll need some kind of gym equipment like a captain chair or seat less chair with armrest. To perform this exercise you’ll just need to straighten your leg by laying knees down to the chest. Your abs will get towards the spine.
  • Bicycle Crunches:

    Although it won’t require any kind of equipment to perform, also one can perform it anywhere just laying down on the mat/ floor. But make sure to perform in a correct manner so that pressure will directly go on the abs.
  • Use Exercise Ball To Crunch: 

    well this is one of my favorite, to perform it you’ll just need to have a ball on which you’ll lay upon in such a way that your back remains straight. Your abdominal muscles will get huge pressure due to this exercise so called to me more subsequent.

What Is the Abs Workout Routine? 

Abs workout can be performed on daily basis by post workout. Once you begin with it you’ll get to know about the changes occurs into your body. I usually suggests all men out there to work out so as to maintain the proper shape.

Above we’ve talked about the workout sessions which you can do to maintain the body shape. Although you cannot just ignore the ab workout as it’s kind of highly magnificent workout method to be in the shape.

Also, you need to at least perform the sessions of ab workout 5 times a week.

How to Do You Get Abs Fast For Boys? 

Most of the men’s out there thinks that getting in a sleek physique is a big deal, but if you do the best workout then it might get easier for you to get at least 6 packs abs within few months of consistent workout.

Who else doesn’t want to get a sexy body, obviously, each boy out there wants that heavenly. To make it so, there’s certain abs workout plan which we’ve discusses earlier in this post.

Although there are also certain home workouts available which you can use to maintain your body shape by enhancing your abs workout more frequently.

How To Perform Ab Workout At Home? 

Performing an abs workout at home is a kind of easiest task which you can do without investing much in equipment. Consistency is the thing that you need to maintain so as to gain a great physique.

Following are the list of exercises which you can perform at your home:-

Make sure to utilize the ab exercises to maintain the physique. There might be other few exercises to maintain your ab structure but above ones are the legit and instant muscle gaining techniques so make sure to use them properly.

How Much Should I Train Abs? 

Training and ab is not a big deal but you need to maintain sustainability to remain consistent. Just waking up early on the first day for the workout session and after few weeks just remain as sleep nothing works much.

So Train Your ab in such a way that your body will allow it to resist. The extreme workout can harm your body and similar things happen if you do ab workout excessively.

If you are just a beginner I would hardly recommend you to get training from the well-certified trainer which will guide you to maintain your body shape properly. Also, they will provide you a diet plan subsequently.

Your first goal should be to get six-pack abs which won’t take much than a year if you do the proper workout without missing.

Abs Beginners Workout 

If you are a belly fat owner doesn’t mean that you cannot game that six-pack ab. Just begin with the first step that is to get started and to make the mindset of gaining ab. Once you build the mindset it will be far easier for you.

For the beginner once I would hardly recommend going through a trainer or subscribe to the best online coaching through which you will get to know about ab workout. Once you do that you need to maintain the training session Daily.

You can take the help of equipment in the gym which will help you a lot with building six-pack abs that are hidden behind your belly fat. Also, make sure to fix your diet plan which is a necessary part of every workout.

Abs Workout Bodybuilding

Getting six-pack abs it’s not a big deal in this era. You just need to follow the routine consistently without missing. There are various steps that you can follow to maintain the abs subsequently.

Paying some sort of bucks in the gym is not the only way to build six-pack abs. You can get the six-pack abs at your home by doing certain workout sessions.

Any way to talk about the bodybuilding sessions on the six-pack abs which you can perform at the gym, following are some of the workout sets which you can perform at the gym itself:

  • By hanging yourself on the to make sure that you are legs are in an upward direction.
  • You can use a machine crunch that the ABS workout.
  • Cable press is another work out which you can perform at the gym.
  • Decline bench crunch with medicine wall.

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What Are The 3 Best Ab Workouts? 

According to the American Council of Exercise, the study says that abs are the most an important part of the body that you cannot ignore. The proper workout session must be done in order to maintain your body shape.

We came across videos abs workout but according to Council following are the most effective abs workout which you can perform:

  • The captain’s chair is the kind of best ab work out which you can perform.
  • Bicycle crunches is my top choice which you need to look for in order to gain the abdominal muscles strong and look sexy.
  • Medicine ball place an important role for the crunches which is essential for the ab workout session.

The study says that if you perform the Above 3 exercises consistently you will get in shape more frequently as possible.

Ab Workout At The Gym

The gym allows you to perform all those exercises which you cannot perform at your home. If you want to gain the six-pack abs more instantly I recommend following some sort of ab exercises.

Also, I have shortlisted a few of the top exercises which you can perform at your Gym with the help of equipment:

  • Hanging leg circles is my top choice which allows you to perform easily.
  • The other hanging exercise comes out is hanging side-by-side knees which is most similar to hanging leg.
  • Folding cable isometrically is another kind of exercise that can perform at the gym.
  • Performing cable crunch exercises for maintaining your ab is another kind of exercise.

What Are The Fast Ab Exercises? 

Time is money which you need to save. Here we come across various ab exercises and found the fastest abs workout which you can and do anywhere anytime.

The most important thing about the fastest ad exercises is that you want required any kind of equipment to perform it just be consistent and you will be blessed by the result you get.

Following are the fastest ab exercises which you can perform subsequently:

  • Trenches using the knees are the most effective and easiest exercise which can perform at your home itself. Also, it would require any kind of equipment.
  • Glute Bridge is another kind of ab exercise that comes in the list of fastest ones.
  • Here bicycle crunch plays a lead role in ab exercises.

There might be a couple of exercises to which you can perform quickly as possible but the above ones are my top choices.

Ab Exercises For Beginners

We have already discussed a couple of things about the beginner’s ab exercises. Besides abs workout, there are various other things beginners faces while working out in the gym.

I hardly come due to following the exercises which we have recently talked about. Obviously, there might occur some kind of cramps while working out but once you get used to it you will be blessed by the result.

If you are just a beginner I hardly recommend you to  take training from the expert trainers out there to avoid any kind of body damage. Once you get used to the workout sessions it will be easier for you to maintain the routine.

But the thing is to get started you need to be consistent at what you do to train your abdominal muscles.

What Are The Abs Workout For Women? 

There isn’t any huge difference between women’s a workout and men's workout for the abdominal muscles. But then also if you just women then the workout sessions gets too much easier.

Abs Workout For Women

We have short listed some of the workout sessions for the abdominal muscles which can be performed by each women of there:

  • Alternating to reach is one of my favorite exercises which you can perform at your home itself. There is no requirement of any kind of equipment.
  • Leg raise and reach is the other its size which can be performed by women without any support of equipment.
  • Russian twist makes your abdominal muscles stronger which can be performed at least two or three sets to maintain the body shape.
  • Side to side crunch is the other great exercises that can be performed by women as well as men out there.

So these were my top pics of abdominal workout.

Ab Workout With Weights

If you want the quick results as possible then you need to take the help of weights. I want to recommend you perform the weight training at your home as it might occur cramp in your muscles while training.

Following are some of the weight training which makes your abdominal more impressive in terms of looks:

  • Standing weighted which is the kind of workout which you can perform just with the help of cattle BEL or dumbbell.
  • WoodChop is a kind of best workout station that you can perform just by laying it upside down.
  • Russian twist exercise is a kind of exercise that is a must for abdominal muscle. you can perform it just holding a couple of dumbbells.
  • Hold the ball in your hand upside your head and perform over it circles to maintain your abdominal muscles.

Quick Abs Exercises

Who is don’t want to gain the abdominal more quickly as possible and that’s what here we came across. Just by doing a few sets of exercises can make your body look much better.

The following are the abs exercises which you can perform quickly at your home itself. Also, it won’t require any kind of equipment:

  • Side crush is the quickest and easiest exercise that you can perform just at your home itself. There’s no need for any equipment to get it performed.
  • Opposite leg and Arm raise are the other quickly performed ab exercise which you can do just at your home itself.
  • The prone plank is another exercise that you can perform to maintain your abs muscle.

There might be other exercises available which you can perform but the above ones are the most frequent and highly performed exercises out there.

Good Ab Workouts For Men With Weights

Performing a free weight ab workout is not a big deal but if you want to get more abdominal muscles you need to take the help of dumbbell out there. You need to head off to the gym even you can purchase a couple of equipment at your home.

We have shortlisted some of the workout sessions which you can perform with the help of weights:

  • Dumbbell swing is the kind of workout that you can perform just by grabbing a single dumbbell.
  • Hold a couple of dumbbells in your hand and perform the side bend.
  • We have an earlier talk about Russian twist which is a kind of best exercise out there.

To maintain the abdominal muscles especially for the men’s above exercises are the best ones out there.

Good Ab Workouts For Men Over 40:


  • Is it necessary to join the gym for ab workout?
  • It is necessary to join a gym as you can perform a home workout which we have discussed earlier in this post.
  •  Does the home workout effective or not?
  • Accident instant it is effective you can gain six-pack abs just by consistent workout sessions.
  • Is it is essential to perform abs workout?
  • Obviously, if you want to look good and sexy then you need to perform abs workout consistently after finishing the other workout stations.

Final Verdict

So we have discussed a lot more things about abdominal muscles which are the main part of the human body. To perform a workout session of AB you need to follow certain steps that we have discussed earlier in this post. If you just beginners make sure to get the help of a trainer who will train you properly instead you can also take online training which will save your few amounts of bucks. You can use YouTube for abs workout YouTube which will give you an idea about it. Bodybr workout abs is one of the best workout. Use the workout for abs to make it look good .Also we’ve talked about fast abs exercises.

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