How to Use the Ab Machines at the Gym Ultimate? In 2021

Exercising every day is incredibly important. It gives you the ability to tone your body, build muscle, burn calories and lose fat, and feel good in your skin.

When you work out it releases endorphins that lead to a feeling of happiness and comfort. 

Working out helps with your metabolism, ensures you feel awake and alert, and also helps with your sleeping patterns. If working out has no negative effects, why is it so hard to be consistent with it?

Working out and going to the gym takes discipline. The only way to effectively incorporate it into your everyday life is to ensure that you write it into your schedule and then follow through. If it becomes a habit, you will feel off when you don’t go, and it will become as natural as going to work or waking up in the morning.

Abs Workout

Using Machines at the Gym

One of the most popular activities to do at the gym is to use their state-of-the-art machines. These machines are usually worth thousands of dollars and help you maximize your strength and target the muscle groups that you need to. Now, the danger with these machines is that if you use them improperly you can damage them.

Many gyms will hold you liable especially if the damage could be avoided. As well, these machines are dealing with a lot of weight. When you are at the gym the biggest thing you have to think about is safety.

Safety is incredibly important, as you never want to be lifting more weight than you can manage. This is why you need to ask questions at the gym, don’t be afraid to ask people how to use a specific machine.

Ab Workouts

If there were a muscle group that you should put most of your attention towards it would be the abdominal muscles. The core is where everything is lifted.

No matter what you are working out, your arms or legs or back, you are engaging your core in order to put less stress on other areas of the body. A strong core is needed for nearly every other exercise, and even more importantly, you’ll get those killer six pack abs that we all strive for.

There are numerous machines at the gym that help target your core and various areas within your obliques. These machines are much better than just doing the average crunch by yourself as they are more specific on the area you are working on. But how do you use these machines? How can you maximize the weight you are lifting to see better results?

Maximize the weight you are lifting

Using the Machines

The first thing you need to do on every machine (no matter what type of ab machine it is) is to choose the amount of weight you want to lift/resist. If this is your first time using a machine this does take a few test tries to get used to.

We recommend starting out low, trying it for a few sets, and then going higher until you reach your goal for the amount of weight. You don’t want something too hard, but you don’t want something too easy. Try pushing yourself.

There are many ab machines at the gym, but the one we are going to focus on is the crunch machine. This is the one where you sit down; there are two handles and you crunch down engaging your core.

You put the amount of weight into the machine (usually done by removing the pin and putting it in the amount you’ve chosen) and then crunch down. Try to do 10 reps of 5 sets. Believe us when we say you will definitely feel something.

Other Machines

There are other ab machines you can use at the gym. One of them involves a pad that slides up and down. You get on the pad in a plank position and slide it back and forth with your legs. This really engages the core and is an easy machine to use.  

If there is an ab machine that you see that looks intriguing, but you do not know how to work it, we recommend seeking advice of a professional. Many gyms have workers or trainers walking around so feel free to ask them.


With any machine at the gym, the key to results is consistency. If you go at least four times a week, doing various exercises, you will see results.

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