Ultimate Iron Gym IRG013 Speed Ab Roller Wheel Review | for six pack abs

Want to know how to build six-pack abs in 2021? You only need to ensure a piece of ab roller wheel at your home gym. In the Iron Gym IRG013 Speed Ab Roller wheel review post, we’re going to break down each and every single portion of this roller wheel in order that you can make the most perfect decision for you within a couple of minutes. 

 Iron Gym IRG013 Speed Ab Roller Wheel Review: 

Buying the best ab roller wheel is not a mere matter that everyone easily can do that! Since the professional gym goers sometimes make lots of big mistakes at the time of purchasing an ab roller wheel for them, I don’t want to mention newcomers or amateurs.  Very few of them even don’t know what to check during buying an ab roller wheel at present. 

This is my personal experience over the last couple of years. You can examine if you’re still under doubt. 

Whatever it is! We’re now going to break down one of the best ab roller wheels in the current market. This is called the “Iron Gym IRG013 Speed Ab Roller Wheel”. According to our research team members, this roller is pretty perfect for every gym-goer. 

Let’s know in-depth!

Product Specifications: 

Here’s the most basic information about the product. Wink your eyes in order to get a clear concept in no time. 

Product Name:  Iron Gym IRG013 Speed Ab Roller Wheel
Manufactured By:  Iron Gym;
Weight:  1.1 pounds;
Shipping Weight: 3.5 pounds;
Average Customer Rating:  4.3 out of 5 stars;
Item Model Number: SA-MC4;
Shipping Condition:  Free Shipping;
Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 4.7 x 9.7 inches;
Sold By:  Amazon;
Core Materials:  Stainless Steel Spring, high quality plastic;
Editor’s Level Of Recommendation:  Highly Recommended. 

Key Features & Their Benefits: 

Here’re the most common features of the product. Let’s go through these to know about the inside and outside of the product. 

Let’s watch the video review of this ab roller wheel if you’re in a hurry!

Core Construction Of The Roller: 

Core is the main component of any ab roller wheel, right? However, the core construction of this ab roller wheel is pretty awesome that is made of durable stainless steel. There is a spring inside of the roller wheel which will help you to continue the workout session for a long period of time.

Ergonomic Design:

Besides the core construction of an ab roller wheel, design plays a very important role as well. Anyway, the design of this ab roller wheel is ergonomic that will help you to use this gadget each and every day without getting bored. Its wheel interior design is wrapped by high-quality rubber. For this reason, it looks sound compared to many other ab roller wheels. 

Best For: 

Considering all the aspects of the product, this is a great product for both beginners and professional guys. 

Areas You Can Target:

With this ab roller wheel, you’ll be able to target your upper ab, middle ab, lower ab, core, arms, shoulders, and obliques. So once you buy this product for yourself, you’ll never have to check out another product to target different parts of your body. 

Price Comparison: 

To be honest, this is one of the lowest ab roller wheels among the tons. Very few of the mass people ring that this product is a little bit costly than other ones. However, this is nothing but a mere thought of them. The ultimate price of this product is on average. You’ll never lose your money if you consider this one for you. 

Free Shipping:  

The manufacturing of the ab roller wheel has a free shipping policy for this product. So you don’t have to spend any penny to ship this product if you order this one. 

Note: a few of the American states are not allowed for free shipping. These are Alaska, Hawaii, and etc. 


  1. This is a modern ab roller wheel. 
  2. It looks sound. 
  3. The wheel of the ab roller is wider than others. 
  4. The core of this roller wheel is wrapped by stainless spring. 
  5. Handles of this gadget are different than the typical ones. 
  6. Its design is ergonomic. 
  7. Once you consider this ab roller wheel for you and your family members, you’ll never have to check out another one for you. 
  8. This ab roller wheel is very easy to install. 
  9. Any age of gym goer is allowed to use this ab roller wheel for their workout session. There is no age limitation. 
  10.  Buyers are allowed to take help from the manufactured if they face any problem at the time of using. 


  • Most of the ab roller wheel come with at least a free bonus item. Kneeling mat, PDF booklet, are for instance. But, this is such an ab roller that comes without any gift item. 

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions About The Iron Gym IRG013 Speed Ab Roller Wheel: 

Still, you may be roaming with lots of questions and need the right answers to them, right? Think of you, we’re now going to break down all the probable questions that are on your mind. 

Question: What are the materials of this ab roller wheel? 

Answer: The core of this ab roller wheel is made of metal. Handles are made of high quality plastic and tire of the roller is made of rubber. 

Question: What is the maximum weight limit of this ab roller wheel? 

Answer: This ab roller wheel has a maximum weight limit compared to many others. Moreover, you’re permitted to use this ab roller wheel if your overall weight is under 300 pounds. 

Question: Is it made noise during the workout session? 

Answer: many of us a little bit confused if this ab roller wheel makes noise during the workout session since there is a spring in the core of this ab roller wheel. Whatever it is! We’re very happy to inform you that this ab roller won’t make any noise even after continuing the workout session for a long period of time. 

Final Verdict: 

In short, in this Iron Gym IRG013 Speed Ab Roller Wheel review post, we’ve tried to break down each and every portion of the product. Now, let us know by commenting if you have any questions about this product. 

Have a nice day with your family members!

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