The Ultimate List of AB Workouts with & without Equipment in 2021

Want to know about the ultimate list of ab workouts of 2021

Let me tell you that there are hundreds of thousands of types of ab workouts in order to make a six-pack body within a couple of months. No matter whether you know the types of ab exercises or not, anyone can easily build his/her six-pack body if he/she goes through practicing ab workouts for a specific period of time. 

There are many different familiar workouts to make a six-pack body for the time being. But, some of them are pretty good to practice in our day to day life. On the contrary, many of them shouldn’t try to practice for those who want to grow their six-pack body naturally. 

It goes without saying that AB workout is also a pretty good way like many other decent workouts to build a six-pack body practicing in our daily life. Besides, one of the special benefits of AB workouts is that you’re allowed to do these workouts with and without equipment. If you have enough facility of abs equipment, then you must practice those workouts that can be performed with abs equipment. 

On the contrary, if you have a lack of enough abs equipment facility, then I suggest you practice those ab workouts that can be performed without abs equipment. 

Different Kinds of AB Workouts:

It’s important to have a clear idea of current ab workouts in order that you can figure out the best ones for you from the entire list. 

What are the types of AB exercises?

Indeed, there are mainly three types of ab workouts. 

These are listed below. 

  1. Upper AB workouts;
  2. Middle AB workouts;
  3. Lower AB workouts.  

Let’s investigate in-depth!

Upper AB workouts: 

Needless to say, upper AB workouts are the best ab exercises for beginners. It’s very easy-to-practice workouts for those who are not so regular with the gym. 

What is the Upper AB workout? 

Upper AB workout is such an exercise that generally is to perform by lying down on the backbone and needs to make force upper of you. 


A short list of Upper AB workouts: 

There are plenty of upper ab workouts available to practice both indoor and outdoor. Here, I’ve listed the common ones so that you practice each and every day. 

  1. V Pull-up;
  2. Sit-ups (Elbow to Knee Twist);
  3. Side Knee Raises with Hanging Straps;
  4. Side Knee Raises with Hanging Grip;
  5. Seated leg Tucks with Bench);
  6. Rupe Pulls;
  7. Knee Raises with Hanging Grip;
  8. Knee Raises with Dip Machine;
  9. Crunches with Machine;
  10. Crunches on Flat Surface;
  11. AB Extension;
  12. Full crunch extension;
  13. Superman abs workout;
  14. Figure 4 crunch;
  15. Side Plank and Crunch;
  16. Crossed leg knees to elbow crunch;
  17. Lateral Superman exercises;
  18. AB Combo exercises;
  19. Typewriter crunch exercises;
  20. Side bride transverse crunch.

These 20 are very common upper AB workouts. You can try some of them according to your choice. 

Middle AB Workouts:

It’s also very easy-to-practice ab workouts for every age-people. 

What is the middle AB workout?   

Middle Ab Workouts are prescribed as the middle portion of the belly, under the aspect when upon the lower aspect of the AB. 

A short list of Middle AB workouts: 

  1. Crunch  Chop;
  2. Mountain Climbers;
  3. Flutter Kicks;
  4. Frog Crunches;
  5. Knee to elbow kickback;
  6. Rope Climb Crunches;
  7. Pulse Ups;
  8. Knee Hugs;
  9. Jump Start;
  10. Plank;
  11. Standard Sit-ups;
  12. Suspended Leg Raises with Dip Machine;
  13. V Pull-Ups;
  14.  Sit-ups (Elbow to know twist);
  15. Decline Sit-ups;
  16. Side knee Raises with Hanging Straps;
  17. Side knee Raises with Hanging Grip;
  18. Seated Leg Tucks with Bench;
  19. Rope Pulls;
  20. Reverse Crunches and many more.  

In addition to these, there are many more middle ab workouts to practice. 

Lower AB Workouts: 

Lower AB workouts will help you to be free from your back pain. Likewise upper and middle ab workouts, lower ab workouts play an important role in our body. 

What are Lower AB workouts?

Lower AB workout is such a workout that typically is to exercise by the lower portion of your body. That time, you have to collapse your body to the bottom of yours.   

A short list of ab workouts for Lower

  1. Bird Dog Crunch;
  2. Reverse Crunch;
  3. Dead Bug;
  4. Scissors;
  5. Lying Leg Raise;
  6. Mountain Climber;
  7. Heeltap;
  8. Slider Pike;
  9. Straight Leg Raise;
  10. Crossbody Climber;
  11. Slider knee tuck;
  12. Rolling Plank;
  13. Roll up;
  14. Jackknife;
  15. Hanging knee raise;
  16. Hanging knee twist;
  17. Alternating Leg Raise;
  18. Plank Jack;
  19. Superman Plank;
  20. Garhammer Raise.

In order to make your six-pack body from the core, these lower ab workouts must help you lots of. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you still confused with many questions? No issue! I’m going to break down all the potential questions that are in your mind. Let’s consume. Plus, you’re allowed to inform me by commenting if you have any more questions that are related to “types of AB workouts.” I’ll try to reply to you with the best answer as early as I can. 

What are the most effective ab exercises?

As there are hundreds of thousands of ab workouts to practice in our day to day lives, so it’s sometimes somewhat confusing which ab workouts are the best of all time. Anyway, I’ve already broken down the three major portions of AB workouts to you. 

That’s because it’s a piece of cake for me to let you know what the most effective ab workouts of all time are. 

Indeed, there is no specific ab workout to suggest to you. It originally varies from man to man. In lieu of this, it depends on gender, region, age, and many other factors. 

Hence, think of you, I’m going to break down the matter in short. Go through each and every ab workout that is given on the top. And examine what types of ab workouts are the most effective for you. Frankly speaking, there is no better suggestion for you. 

Is it OK to do abs every day? 

Let me break down the matter in-depth! There is no problem at all to practice ab workouts each and every day. But, have it on your mind that it’s unnecessary to go through ab exercising every day. 

How long should I practice AB workouts?

It’s nothing but a bad habit to practice ab workouts each and every day. Rather, you should try any ab workouts one-day interval to keep your body from side effects.

That’s because trying to do ab exercises from 15 to 25 minutes one-day interval. 

Are AB workouts beneficial to build a six-pack body?

Of course! AB workouts are very much beneficial for building six pack body within a couple of months. You only need to practice making a schedule.  

Is AB workout helpful to burn belly fat?

It goes without saying that AB workouts are very useful to burn the unexpected calories of your body. In order to burn your extra calories, you should practice AB workouts as much as you can. 

Final Verdict: 

In a nutshell, there are mainly three types of ab workouts to practice. These are upper ab workouts, middle ab workouts, and lower ab workouts. All are pretty well to practice in our day to day life. As a fitness expert, I recommend you to make a difference at the time of exercising. 

Don’t practice one or a few ab workouts every day. Instead, try to revenge from upper ab workouts to lower ab workouts from time to time. 

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