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Nordictrack z 1300i treadmill Ultimate Review

For over a decade back before I knew about the Nordictrack z 1300i treadmill I struggled with a medical condition. This required the intake of daily medication. Having been for warned by medical professionals of its side effects of weight gain I entered the risk as I had no choice left.

Surely two weeks later the results were portrayed; my weight gain increased very rapidly in three months that it led me to talk to my gym instructor, whereby the nordictrack Z 1300i treadmill was primarily introduced to me.

However, I cannot deny that if I were knowledgeable of this machine at the start of my medication, my weight gain would have been in much control and possibly, resolved.              

Things to Know and consider before Purchasing a NordicTrack Z 1300i Treadmill

Nordictrack Z 1300i treadmill is suitable for individuals suffering weight gain, obesity, post pregnancy weight and it also helps with calorie burn. It is also rather helpful with metabolism boost, stamina increase, building endurance, whilst helping tone leg muscles.

Furthermore, before purchasing the Nordictrack z 1300i treadmill, consider the following:

  • The amount of space it requires
  • Budget
  • Extra options such as a heart rate monitor and workout programs
  • How often maintenance is required
  • NordicTrack 1300i treadmill reviews

Product Preview

The Nordictrack z 1300i treadmill is a treadmill with a motor warranty and a lifetime frame along with 32 preset workout programs. This NordicTrack treadmill which is iFit coach enabled allows you to workout around the world with the use of Google maps street view.

Furthermore, it also consists of an ever expanding library of HD workouts which are streaming across 26 different countries. Featuring the SpaceSaver technology it allows you to fold the treadmill in a way that it will save space.

In comparison to the Commercial 2450, commercial 1750 commercial 2950 and the NordicTrack Z 1200i, they all have similar yet slightly different features. But the motor is the main difference. The motor types are as follows 4.0 HP, 3.75 HP, 4.25 CHP, and 3.0 CHP. In this case the commercial 2450 has the strongest motor.

The HP motor is much more powerful as it is able to handle longer and heavier workouts without any issue. This makes it a great fit for runners and people who are looking to do heavy workouts. However, the CHP motor in the NordicTrack 1300i is not suitable for runners in comparison to NordicTrack commercial.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a stronger motor to do heavy workouts then this treadmill is a good option. But the NordicTrack Commercial is an even better option, as its motor can handle a much higher weight capacity.

Advantages of the Nordictrack z 1300i treadmill

  • Wider tread belt- the treadmill consists of a roomy running surface. So when you jog, run or walk the chances of you feeling confined are very low.
  • Foldable- it has the ability to be folded vertically which allows you to save a large amount of space.
  • Preset workouts- the moment you step into the treadmill you get instant access to different workout programs. This will save your time by avoiding the time you spend trying to figure out a workout.
  • Built in speakers- this will allow you to listen to your favorite music while working out.

Disadvantages of the Nordictrack z 1300i treadmill

  • Motor- in comparison to the NordicTrack Commercial the NordicTrack Z 1300i treadmill does not have a much powerful motor.
  • Assembly- the assembly process can be a bit complicated and difficult. So there’s a high chance you will have to request professional help in order to set up the treadmill.

Features and Benefits- -Running Surface, Weight Capacity and Much More

  • Adjustable Cushioning- The surface of the treadmill consists of an absorption system. It responds to each of your movements and with each step it changes the elevation of the deck. Whilst reducing the impact with every step you take it keeps your muscles engaged throughout the entire process.
  • Easy lift- The space saver design allows you to fold it in a manner that it saves space. The 1300i treadmill consists of a powerful shock that helps you to lift the deck without any difficulty. After the treadmill is folded upwards vertically, the built-in transport wheels can be used to move it around.
  • Adjustable workout fan- from the moment you step on to the treadmill and till you get down your workout will be kept comfortable. This is because of the AutoBreeze fan in which you can select from two different speed settings.
  • Incline- by changing the incline your workout will be made much more challenging and tougher. It adds a positive impact to your workout. Nordictrack z 1300i consists of a powered automatic incline which is adjustable.  
  • Preset workouts- This treadmill gives you instant access to 32 professional workout programs. Once you press start all you have to do is follow the training session. Some programs that’s included are: Intensity workouts, Incline workouts, speed workouts etc.
  • High contrast LED display and calorie burn meter- this feature will help you to identify if you workout is having an impact. This is through the calorie burn meter. It also provides a wide view angle making it easy to read the speed, pulse, distance and calories burnt.
  • Alternatives for NordicTrack Z 1300i Treadmill

    •  6.5 Si- This NordicTrack treadmill comes with an 1 year iFit membership. Once you activate the equipment you will have access to unlimited training programs. The size is 73” Length, 36” Width and consists of a 2.6 CHP motor.
    • Incline trainer treadmills- You can try some of these types for an effective workout session. Whilst normal treadmills can reach only 12%- 15% incline these types of treadmills can reach up to 30%. This makes it a great fit for heavy workouts.
    • Commercial 2450- this treadmill costs between $2299 and $3000. It consists of a touch screen and studio workouts, new workout options and much more. And it includes a very strong motor which will be very suitable for heavy and long workout sessions.

Questions and Answers Regarding ifit Coach and Wheels

The following are some very common questions asked by many people. The answers to them have been provided to help you clear your doubts and to have a good understanding about the product.

Q1. Where are the wheels in a NordicTrack 1300i treadmill?

A1. The wheels will be made easily visible once you fold the treadmill as its situated parallel to the handrail. In order to move the treadmill once folded, hold the handrail and slightly tilt it. This may require two people. Refer the manual for further clarification.

Q2. How to use an iFit workout?

A2. In order to use this option you will require an optional iFit module. For this you can contact the customer service. Furthermore, you will need access to a USB port on a computer along with an internet connection.

Thereafter the key must be inserted into the console and secondly, the iFit module must be inserted to the console. Lastly, select a user and an iFit workout.


Overall, the NordicTrack Z 1300i is a great treadmill for losing weight. Furthermore, it also helps to fight against post pregnancy weight and obesity. If you’re struggling with the following issues then this treadmill is the best option. It will give you quick results which will keep you motivated. 

Start using the NordicTrack 1300i treadmill and just enjoy watching your weight reduce in large amounts. Furthermore, for a more effective workout make sure to make use of the workout programs made available within the treadmill. Not forgetting the powered incline as well.

However, the assembly of this type of treadmill can be a bit complicated. In this case refer the manual or contact the customer service and they will provide you further assistance.

Hope this Nordictrack z 1300i treadmill review gave you clear understandings about the product and don’t forget to purchase one. It will definitely give you a great experience.