Power Guidance Ab Roller Wheel Review

In this Power Guidance Ab Roller Wheel review post, we’re going to break down each and everything about the product in order that you can easily make the right decision for you. 

Choosing the most perfect gadget, no matter whether it’s an ab roller wheel or anything else, is really tough, right? Apart from this, we don’t have enough time to do enough research before buying any product online. 

And when it comes to purchasing an ab roller wheel, it’s really hard to figure out one of the best ab roller wheels among the tons, seriously! I don’t ring about newcomers or amateurs. Professional gym-goers are ever made the wrong decision during buying the ab roller wheel.

Think of this, we’re continuously publishing product review post after researching enough so that you can make the right decision for you. Needless to say that this Power Guidance Ab Roller Wheel review post is one of them. So keep reading the article to make the right decision for you. 

Yes. It is!!!!!!!

Power Guidance Ab Roller Wheel: 

Over the lifespan, you must have used plenty of ab roller wheel and you’re now a hub of knowledge since you’ve gone through real-life experience. This is very simple that some of ab roller, you’ve used in your entire life, was pretty good. On the other hand, you have a bitter experience with some of the ab roller wheel. 

Whatever it is! This Power Guidance Ab Roller wheel is such a piece of gym equipment that has value for money. In addition to this, you’ll last forever as it is built with sturdy materials. 

Let’s go-ahead to know more!

Product Specifications:

Here’s the most basic information about the product. Wink your eyes if you have lack of time. 

Name:  Power Guidance Ab Roller Wheel
Manufactured By:  Power Guidance; 
Sold By:  Amazon;
Item Weight:  1.76 pounds;
Shipping Weight:  2.6 pounds;
Shipping Condition:  Free shipping;
Average Customer Rating Of The Previous Buyers:  4.4 out of 5 stars;
ASIN:  B0176037O2;
Brand Awareness: A well known brand in the fitness industry;
Color:  Black;
Product Price:  Not too high to purchase;
Core Materials: Steel, Rubber, EVA Foam;
Editor’s Level Of Recommendation: Highly recommended to train abs muscle and core.  

Key Features & Benefits: 

Here’re the key features and their benefits in depth. 

Core Construction: 

Core is the main component of any product without any doubt. That’s why, anyone, whenever they intend to buy an ab roller wheel, needs to ensure about the core of the product that it is built with sturdy metal. 

Anyway, the core of this product is made of high quality and sleek stainless steel. Once you buy this ab roller wheel, it’ll last up to your grandchildren’s epoch. 


Everyone is fond of comfortable handles. Think of this, the Power Guidance has built the handles of this ab roller wheel with high-quality lush EVA foam. In addition to this, the outstanding design of this ab roller has made it more beautiful. 

So I’m sure you must fall in love with this ab roller wheel at first sight. Hahahaaaa!

power guidance ab roller wheel review post of 2020

Giant Wheel: 

Though most of the ab roller’s wheel comes with one or two pairs of wheels, it comes with only one. However, you don’t need to worry about this because the overall length of this ab roller wheel is a bit wider than the typical one. Plus, there are enough shafts on the wheel that will help you to control over the ab roller. 

Its tire is made of high-quality plastic that is a unique feature of the wheel. It goes without saying that most of the ab roller wheel comes with the normal tire. Plus, the inside design is great at all that has enhanced the ultimate design of the wheel.  


Compared to many other ab roller wheels, its design is far better. So if you’re someone who is very much careful about the beauty of any gadget, then you must choose it for yourself. 

Push Up Bar: 

When we intend to purchase any ab roller wheel, no matter what the brand value of the company is, most of the time we check over and again if it comes with any additional attachment. 

Whatever it is! 

This ab roller wheel comes with a pair of push up bars which is very expensive than the many other additional attachments of the ab roller wheel. 

Price Comparison: 

Its price is below $20. So you don’t need to budget a huge amount of money to purchase this one. However, the additional attachment of this ab roller wheel is not a mere thing. It has also value for money. 

Brand Awareness:

Power Guidance is a leading brand in the industry over the years. That’s because we’re highly recommended you purchase any product from Power Guidance. 


  1. It’s an ab roller wheel offering you to target many different portions of your body at a time. 
  2. It comes with a pair of push up bars in order that you can build up your arms’ muscles. 
  3. The knee pad of this ab roller wheel is thicker than many other knee pads that come with an additional attachment. 
  4. The Power Guidance Ab Roller wheel is pretty perfect to gift someone as a Christmas gift. 
  5. As it’s made of durable and sturdy stainless steel, it’ll last forever. (You should expect.)
  6. It is easy to install as well as assemble. 
  7. On account of compact design, you only need a little space to store it in your storeroom. 
  8. The manufacture of this ab roller wheel is very helpful to show the right path if you face any trouble at the time of using this. 
  9. It’s value for money. 
  10.  It looks sound! 

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  • The only problem with this ab roller wheel is its handle’s foam. There is a tendency of sliding off the foam after a few months. 
  • Few previous buyers mention to us they have cut their hand fingers with the core steel. So be careful to install. 

Final Verdict:

We hope that you guys have been able to know each and everything about the Power Guidance Ab Roller Wheel. Let us know by commenting if you have any more questions that are related to this article topic.

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