How to Rent a Treadmill for Home Use?

In recent years the rate of air pollution across the world has increased thus running or walking on roads and walking tracks has become extremely challenging for health-conscious people. As well as, rent a treadmill for Home Use is now tanding.

However, exercise equipment such as treadmill helps to avoid all these issues including bad weather whilst providing you the benefit of exercising at the comfort of your own home.

On the other hand, everybody is not able to buy a new treadmill, in that case now able to Rent a Treadmill for Home Use.

Due to this treadmills have become highly demanding fitness equipment’s over the past years and according to in the US alone 52.97 million people use treadmills.

Having trouble deciding if you should rent a treadmill? Don’t you worry; this article will make that decision quick and simple for you.

In this article, you will come across various topics including why you should rent a treadmill, benefits and disadvantages, common mistakes people make, safety and precautions, and much more. It will help you make your decision easier while you gather and learn information on a treadmill.

Moreover, You will able to learn how to Rent a Treadmill for Home Use?

Overview on Treadmill

Wondering what treadmills look like?  They are made up of two mains parts which are;

  • The conveyor belt- this is what the user will be running or walking on. It’s usually wide making it comfortable for almost anyone to use.
  • Electric motor- this is the part where the user will be dictating the pace or speed of the treadmill.

Treadmills also consist of pulse and heart rate monitors and also a monitoring mechanism that calculates the number of calories burnt, total speed, and distance covered.

This type of gym equipment aims at the lower part of your body; this includes the calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps. However, this depends on the type of treadmill you decide to rent as some treadmills consist of built-in handles that also exercise your upper body.

Overall, it burns calories throughout your body which helps to reduce fat thus it has been proven by that if a person weighing 160 pounds walks 3.5 mph on a treadmill they will burn up to 315 calories.

Renting a Treadmill for Home Use

In recent years there has been a decrease in gym memberships. This is explained by many people creating their very own home gyms due to their convenience and less hassle. If there’s one main type of fitness equipment that should be included in any home gym it’s definitely the treadmill.

Moreover, when renting a treadmill a few steps that you must follow are;

  • Find a treadmill that suits you, your family, and your home the best – There are different types of treadmills and among these one will suit you best.


  • Manual

    – this type does not require electricity. The movement of the belt is done completely by the user thus chances of hurting one’s self are quite low. If you have kids then this one is for you.


  • Electronic-

    this type has less pressure on the knees and the ankles of the user. It includes options such as varying inclines, LED screens, connectivity, and much more. It’s slightly costly than a manual one. However, if you love technology then this would suit you best.

  • Hybrid-

    this model consists of all the features of an electronic treadmill and much more. It can be converted into an elliptical, stair-climber, or stationary bike. If you’re looking for the best treadmill and price is not an issue then a hybrid treadmill is definitely the one.


  • Cost-

    The purchase of a treadmill can be quite costly, but thanks to rental companies this issue is solved. In order to rent a quality treadmill, it will cost you $50- $120 per month. However, this varies with the model you decide to rent.

If you’re looking to pay the cheapest price then avoid the latest models and watch out for hidden costs.


  • Treadmill rentals-

    wondering where to rent? You can rent a treadmill through an online shop or an in-store rental. However, in-store rentals are a much safer choice as you will have the ability to test and see the equipment before renting.

But if you want an easier choice then try contacting nearby gyms for equipment rentals as many gyms do this to clear space and if you’re lucky they might offer treadmills. The following are some fitness rentals that you can check out;

Wright Exercise Equipment, Aerobic Fitness Rental and Rent a Gym.

Advantages of Rent a Treadmill for Home Use:

  • You can exercise in the comfort of your own home.
  • Driving to the gym and paying for gym memberships will be out of your list.
  • The surface of a treadmill is much more predictable than sidewalks or curbs
  • According to treadmills reduce the risk of heart diseases, boost mood, and improves sleep.

Disadvantages of Rent a Treadmill for Home Use:

  • Monthly rental fee
  • Some treadmills have loud motors

Common Mistakes, Safety, and Precautions

Running or walking on a treadmill is quite different from running or walking on a sidewalk/curb as it consists of different techniques.

  • Many people tend to skip warming up when using a treadmill. This leads to unnecessary injuries so avoid skipping warming up at all costs.
  • Avoid holding on to the bars. It might make your workout feel easier but this reduces the number of calories burnt as it avoids the swinging motion of your arms.
  • When operating the treadmill always place each foot on either side of the belt and step on it only after you’re positive that it’s moving.
  • Expect to feel a bit dizzy the first few times you use the treadmill so make sure you always have something to hold on to once you get off it.



Overall, the treadmill is one of the best methods to lose weight and burn calories as it’s a form of cardio exercise. If you’re unsure as to what type of treadmill suits you best go to your nearest gym and try out some of the old and new models before renting one.

Moreover, treadmill rentals are not available in all areas; in that case, online renting will be necessary. However, always make sure to take safety precautions after renting.

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