How to Roman Chair Leg Raise| Guide, Benefits & Tips

The Roman chair leg raise, performed with the first rec center gear called a Roman chair, is an extreme quality structure practice that objectives your core muscles. Like the free-hanging variety of leg raise, the underlying piece of the development includes the hip flexors. As the thighs raised, it helps in fixing your abs.

  • It helps with conditioning and expanding the quality of muscular strength.
  • It successfully improves your hold and chest area quality.
  • Position yourself onto the upstanding roman chair with the assistance of foot supports.
  • Keep your middle straight, press the lower back against the backrest, and lay your lower arms on the arm cushions. Ensure the arms twisted at an edge of 90 degrees. It is your beginning position.
  • Lift your knees by flexing at your hips, while keeping the legs broadened. For most extreme withdrawal, bring your thighs past equal and hold the situation for a second.
  • Gradually opposite the development to return to the underlying position.
  • Rehash the above strides for the ideal number of reps.

While the easier variety includes flexing the hips and knees to raise the legs, the trouble of the growth increase when you keep the legs stretched out all through the venture.

Roman Chair leg raise tips:

  • Try not to use your body's force to play out this activity.
  • Keep your elbows legitimately under the shoulders while doing the exercise.
  • Fix your center muscles before lifting the advantages.

Captain’s Chair leg Raise:

The Captain's chair is an exercise outline found in many gyms. Remaining in the casing, you use the chair’s two arms to help your body weight as you raise the legs. Hanging leg raises require enough chest area support to maintain your body weight. You likewise should have the option to utilize the casing.

In any case, in case you have to begin practicing this essential exercise at home, you'll have to place resources into a knee raise station.

If you're content with only practicing this at the activity place, manage these assortments.

The three best Captain's chair rehearses to follow:

  • Leg Raise
  • Knee Raise
  • Weighted Leg/Knee Raise

Here are how to do each:​

Leg Raise:

Venture into the Captain's seat and recognize your back against the assistance. Lay your lower arms on the pads and handle the handles enduringly.

  • At the moment that you're in position, let your legs hang toward the floor. Keep your back against the assistance and understanding of your inside to keep your chest territory straight.
  • Raise your legs before you, with your knees to some degree contorted. Raise your legs until they're relating to the floor.
  • Lower your legs progressively in a controlled development. Make an effort not to permit your legs to drop! Associate with your abs while you lower them back to the starting position.

Captain’s chair knee Raise:

  • Raise your knees upward towards your chest. When they pass your hips, hold for an entire second.
  • Gradually lower your knees back to the starting position.

Captain’s weighted legs/knee raise:

it connects with the core more and is an incredible choice if that is what you're searching for.

Simply use the Captain's chair to help your chest area while you connected with your center:

  • Get into the leg/knee raise position.
  • Fold your feet over a free weight on the floor.
  • Lift in the equivalent moderate and controlled way.

Lower in the equivalent moderate and controlled way.

Captain’s chair tips:

  • Keep your center connected all through the whole exercise. Try not to go limp or hold your breath.
  • No swinging! Try not to swing your legs to gather speed to play out the leg raise. These demolitions are workable of the movement since it doesn’t interface with your middle muscles.
  • Lift gradually and purposely. It’s better than you do ten leg raises with ideal structure than 50 with messy structure.

Hanging leg Raise:

The hanging leg raise is an expert level separation practice for hip flexors and muscular strength. Hanging from a bar by your arm pads, you raise your legs straight to the ground.

It is an increasingly extreme type of vertical leg that rises.

While the regular consumption and its variety give a top-down method, the hanging leg raise is a base-up approach that suddenly works out the abs interestingly with different abdominal muscles.

Knee raise with twisting:

  • The knee raise with twisting hits the lower abs and obliques. You can hang off indeed whatever will hold your weight for this activity. A great many people will swing from a draw up bar. Hang off the with a marginally more extensive than shoulder-width hold.
  • When you're hanging with feet marginally the floor, pull your knees up across to one side of your body.
  • Delay; at that point, gradually drop them down.
  • Presently raise your knees up and across to the right-hand side of your body.
  • Lower back to begin is one rep.
  • Rehash for wanted reps.


  • Both basic hip flexors, the Sartorius, and the iliopsoas are locking in the hanging leg raise. The iliopsoas flexes the hip to draw in the thighs to the capacity compartment, helps inside bowing, and flexes the lumbar spine.
  • It attaches to the base of the thoracic spine and runs down the spine lumbar through pelvis over the hip to link with the tailbone.
  • The assistant hip flexor, the abductor brevis, is moreover part of the effort.
  1. What is a roman chair leg raise?

The Roman chair leg raise, performed with gym equipment called a Roman chair, is an extraordinary strength-building exercise that targets your center muscles.

Like the free-hanging variety of leg raise, the first piece of the movement includes the hip flexors.

  1. Is a roman chair worth it?

. The essential inspiration operates a roman chair is to work your middle, commonly to stretch out and protect your lower back. Yet, your entire community is energetically affected by using this equipment.

Since you're utilizing your body weight, a roman seat is useful for anybody from fledglings to experienced competitors.

  1. How do you roman chair leg raise at home?

Set up your legs and afterward contract your stomach muscles. Lift your knees high by moving your spine up and simultaneously moving your pubis toward your sternum. Lower your legs gradually back to the first position.

  1. Is leg raise good for abs?

Lying leg raises touted as a fantastic abs work out—because they are. In any case, your hip floors receive some significant rewards of this move, says Epperly.

Lying leg raises can likewise help reduce low back pain, includes since it improves the general quality and stabilization of your center.


A roman seat is a savvy venture that will enhance your satisfaction. Easy to utilize, store up, and made to fit even in a small space, they permit you to at last work your lower body regularly at your own home.

They are extraordinary for supporting and improving lower back muscles, giving you greater equality, trustworthiness, and versatility.

They are likewise useful for the spine and abstaining from strength for the people who sit the whole day or lift significant objects, making them healthful and ideal for health.

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