How to use a Roman Chair in 2020 | Advantage & Disadvantages

Gym training equipment can sometimes make you feel dizzy. As a rule, you know how to practice it, although there may always be questions.

A good example is a Roman chair. How to properly and fully use it in your training? What muscles can we train on it, and how to do it?

What does a look like?

Almost every fitness club and gym have at least one Roman chair or 45-degree roman chair. Many gym attendees also consider a bench with backrests for back crunches to be a Roman chair.
The original high-quality Roman chair has no back support. Consists of:

  • handles (for struggling with the legs),
  • adjustable support for the quadriceps thigh muscles also called hip pads
  • steel frame.

It should also be made of high-quality materials.

How to practice?

This, in many cases, will depend on the muscles you want to train. For exercises on a Roman chair, we mainly use the weight of our own body. However, we can add additional burdens. The essential practice for which this equipment is a one focused on strengthening the upper body: lumbar region of the back and spine extensors.

  • The exercise consists of making a slope forward while maintaining the natural curvature of the spine (as deep as our body allows us, and more explicitly stretching of the lumbar and double-headed thigh muscles).

  • Then we return to the starting position, extending the torso. To do it correctly, we must remember not to do a hyperextension of the body in the final stage of movement and that during the campaign. The cervical spine should also be in a natural position (do not shoot the head back).

  • Keep your arms crossed over your chest during movement.

  • The movement should be smooth, without jerking.

  • If the exercise is to be directed mainly to the area mentioned above, the support should be set at the height at which the hip spikes are located.


What advantages can such simple equipment as a Roman chair machine have?

  • The first advantage will be its versatility. The torso extension on the bench alone can replace exercises such as the deadlift, bending legs on the machine lying, hip extensions.

  •  It is also a great way to strengthen the oblique muscles of the abdomen, and in some exercises, to involve even trapezius muscles of the back.

  • Due to its versatility, it is excellent as a home gym equipment, where space and funds for equipment are usually limited. Also, the price for such a bench is not too high.

Enhanced trunk stabilization and strengthened core muscles. Correctly performed exercises on the bench will prepare us for more massive multi-joint activities like Exercise for ABS, that recommend Mike from entering The Pit


In the case of the Roman chair, what are its disadvantages?

  • Unfortunately, we have a good chance of keeping the wrong technique of exercises on the bench. Involving specific parties in practice requires tremendous focus and a sense of muscle.

  • Too much load, such as kettlebell, dumbbells, can cause, among others, spine alignment disorder, jerky movements, etc.

Roman chair in the gym workout

It turns out that the roman chair exercises can perfectly complement the training of everyone exercising in the gym. This equipment will work best as a way to strengthen the back of the tape (rectifiers, buttocks, double-headed thighs).

However, it should be remembered that it can also be treated as a supplement to training abdominal muscles or the back - of course, with the right approach to exercise. As with any machine and tools in the gym, remember the technique in every move.


Who is recommended the Hyperextension chair for?

A Roman chair is excellent for any home gym and professional gym. It will be an excellent tool for beginners who want to strengthen their back muscles. It is also a perfect way for people who are already advanced, who have problems with performing deadlifts. Dr. Aaron Horschig from Squat University also recommends it to athletes who recover after a back injury

Roman Chair Exercise Guide | Step by Step

Are you looking to build sexy abs and a strong core? If so, you have come to the right place as in this article, you will be taken through roman chair exercise. Using this gym equipment, you can do numerous essential workouts that will be helpful in your goal to achieve body fitness. However, what exactly is a roman chair?

Well, it is immobile workout equipment that features pads where you can secure your feet below while simultaneously providing your groin region with a place rest against. You can adjust the distance between the groin pad and the anchor pads, thereby allowing you to work your erector spine, core, and glutes. Through these workout routines, you get to achieve your desired shape and size. Therefore, is the roman chair worth it to purchase? If so, then which are some of the best Roman chair exercises you can do at home. To get this information, read through this article and get enlightened as to why this gym equipment is a must buy if you wish to attain proper size and shape.

List of Roman Chair Exercise without weight:

Earlier, we described the essential exercise where the most significant emphasis of training is on the lumbar part.

Exercise on, can you still do?

  • Roman Chair Twists
  • Hyperextension benches back extension
  • Alternating side back extension/ Twist
  • Hyperextension benches crunch
  • Lateral torso slopes
  • Torso extensions
  • Roman chair situp
  • Roman chair side ups
  • Hyperextension chair side bends
  • Hyperextension benches dips/Tricep dips
  • Roman chair oblique leg raise
  • Roman chair squat
  • Incline push up
  • kneeling preacher curl

Roman Chair Twists:

Arrange the ankle pads right under your hips' level and, with your body straight, start to twist it from one side to another. To make this exercise more intense, you can make use of a weight place.

Moreover, Doing this workout, your core is engaged hence gets to become stronger with time.

Back extension:

You should start this workout by having both pads lined up and then place yourself on the machine facing downwards. Furthermore, Your hips on the pillow and then spread your legs wholly as you extend the upper body to create a straight line. Subsequently, cross your arms and then place them over your chest, after which you can then start lowering your body as far as you can reach. Reaching the lowest point, try and bring your upper body to its starting position. Repeat this until you feel completely exhausted.

Roman Chair hyperextension or back extension

Hyperextension Twist:

This is a slight alteration of the standard hyperextension, and your body position, as well as the machine set-up, remains the same. Have your hips rested on the pad and then extend your legs fully, whereas simultaneously prolonging your upper body to create a straight line. You should then put your hands behind the ears and gradually lower your body's position as far as possible. Pulling your upper body upwards, twist it to the right, thereby allowing your right elbow to rise ahead of the left one. Lower yourself down and then repeat this same technique on your other side.

Roman chair crunch - how it works on the abdominal muscles

Exercise on a Roman chair is one of the many ways to make a six-pack - the dreams of many people caring for a muscular body. You can work on both straight and oblique muscles. 

However, a lot depends on the technique: it must be adequately mastered because incorrect exercises on the bench for crunches can lead to injury. 

In turn, mastering the exercises on the Roman chair can be an introduction to more stressful activities, including deadlift. 


Inclined bench - a type of roman chair oblique crunch

The essence of the oblique bench for crunches is its angling, so you can exercise in a position where the legs are above your head. 

Because the sloping bench is uncomplicated and relatively cheap, and the exercise on it does not cause any noise, it is a perfect piece of equipment for a home gym.

Raising the torso on a glute ham - advantages:

When the torso is raised, the abdominal muscles, buttock muscle, biceps thigh muscle and spine extensor work on a Roman chair. Slightly weaker, but also quite intensely, the muscles of the sacrum and lumbar region are strengthened.  

The great advantage of this exercise 

In addition to the versatile muscle development mentioned above - is that it is not difficult. James from Garage gym Builder has more benefits than the Roman chair.

Exercise for everyone

Everyone can include roman chair exercises in their exercise plan, even people who have no experience in strength training. Over time, you can make it harder to lift your torso on a Roman chair by adding weights to the exercise.  

At the beginning

 However, we suggest starting with the classic version of the exercise. The advantages of lifting the torso on a Roman chair will be appreciated by those who care about improving their figure.

Thanks to regular training

They will undoubtedly notice the slim figure. Also, everyone who wants to strengthen and expand their back should choose this exercise.

Follow instruction of trainer

Because the roman chair workouts are relatively simple, anyone can do them, although it is recommended to follow the instructions of a trainer or a more experienced gym visitor first. 

You cannot overdo it with the load, because it can lead to too much pressure on the spaces between the vertebrae and, as a result, to injury, which at best will cause the need for a more extended break in training. 

Depending on the position of the support, you can exercise your abdomen or buttocks and thighs. You can also work out with dumbbells or a barbell.

Types of exercises on the bench for tummies

Crunch extension roman chair -

How Is It Built? What makes it stand out from other benches is that it consists only of adjustable support and leg holders with ankle pads. 

The central pad supports your hips or back, and the bottom pads on the wheels allow you to hook your legs to enable hyperextension exercise. Some mistakenly claim that back support is also part of it. 

The Roman chair is a universal device that can be used by both beginners and those with considerable training experience. It performs many exercises that strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, back, and buttocks.

How do you exercise on the bench for crunches?

The selection of exercises on the bench for tummies depends on the part of the body that you want to strengthen. Before exercising on a roman chair, extend your upper body. 

The most popular set of exercises on ab roman chair crunch that is performed on this device are:

How do you exercise on the bench for crunches?

The selection of exercises on the bench for tummies depends on the part of the body that you want to strengthen. Before exercising on roman chair extend your upper body. 

The most popular set of exercises on ab roman chair crunch that are performed on this device are:

Torso extensions 

Starting position:

 Lie on the bench so that the front parts of the thighs rest on it, you should create a fully extended of the court. Hips should not touch the instrument. Lock the cubes in the handles at the bottom of the court. 

Tighten your buttocks and pull your stomach in. Extend your legs, don't bending your knees. Cross your arms over your chest or hold a weight plate, and we begin to exercise! 

Raise and lower the torso. Focus on doing the exercise smoothly and preventing excessive torso bending.


Tighten your buttocks and pull your stomach in. Extend your legs, don’t bending your knees. Cross your arms over your chest or hold a weight plate, and we begin to exercise! 

Raise and lower the torso. Focus on doing the exercise smoothly and preventing excessive torso bending. 

Lateral slopes of the torso

Starting position: lie on the bench sideways, your body should made straight line. Make sure that the height of the support is adjusted to the iliac spines. hook your feet with the handles. 

The exercise involves fastening oblique abdominal muscles and gentle flexing. Remember that the side slopes are not too large, because this is not beneficial to the spine.

Sit-ups on the bench

Starting position: lie down on the bench so that your legs are higher than your head. Hook the legs against the handles. Place your hands side to side to your ears (as in traditional crunches) and start slowly rising towards your knees. 

Hold this moment for a moment and return to the basic position. Repeat the exercise if possible.More Details Step by Step 

Isometric Glute Hold

Starting position: place your body in a face-down position, and extend your legs fully, rest your hips on the support. Begin by fully continuing your body in a straight line, hold the position for 30 seconds. 

As you progress, you can hold the position for as long as you can to engage your glutes longer. This exercise recommends Shane D. from Athletic Muscle.


Each of these exercises will be effective when you do at least 20 repetitions. If this is not enough for you, ask your trainer to prepare an additional set of activities with a weight plate.

Raising the torso on a Roman chair - advice

First of all, when raising the torso on a Roman chair - whether in the case of back training or abdominal training - we must remember that all the central movement is calm and free. 

Exercise, as precisely as possible, will bring the most significant benefits and, at the same time, protect us from injury. It cannot be a jerky move!

Some Exercise With Weight:

  • Weighted back extension

  • Weighted alternating side back extension

  • Weighted side bend


It will be a useful tool for beginners who want to strengthen their back muscles before they lift heavy. It is also a perfect way for people who are already advanced, who have problems with performing deadlifts.

By Dr. Aaron Horschig

He from Squat University also recommends it to athletes who recover after a back injury.

By Monika Paez

The extensions belong to the back muscles. But you can also meet the movement of the straightening of the torso with the movement of dumbbell rowing in the final phase of movement, which also involves us the parallelogram, quadrilateral and widest back muscles. We must remember not to overdo it here with the burden. This exercise should be considered as a supplement to one hard back training. This way of exercises recommended Monika Paez in her weekly workouts.

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