Sissy Squat Machine Ultimate Guide 2021 | Advantage & Disadvantage

I was overweight since I was a child. For many years I have tried to lose weight. Finally, when the doctor told me that if I didn't lose weight, I would get diabetes and would never be able to give birth, I took care of myself.

 With hard work, I managed to get my dream figure and lose 40 kilograms! However, how many women have always had complexes due to flat and sagging buttocks.

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Sissy squat Squats for dream figure!

Only a professional trainer told me that if I want to achieve my dream figure I have to start doing element fitness – squats on a leg exercises day. Although it seems simple, it's just the opposite!

 Squats require the right technique, positioning the legs, and maintaining the right posture for proper muscles to work. If I had already known the Sissy bench, I would never have to spend hours learning the technique of squats!

Right technique

Sissy bench squat is an ideal product for both men and women who want to learn the right technique for doing squats in a simple and easy way. However, before you buy it, you should think about whether we will use it!

 However, squats are exercises that require discipline and regularity. It is also worth considering, preferably after consulting the trainer, whether squats are a good exercise for us. Because their effect is the development of leg and calf muscles and buttocks.

Sissy squat bench

Sissy squat benches ensures proper squat performance. Effective use of muscles ensures their harmonious and lasting growth, as well as confidence that the sissy workout will bring the expected and satisfactory results!

 However, to achieve this, sissy exercises should be performed correctly. The training bench ensures the correct performance of exercises, thanks to which you are guaranteed the highest efficiency of training.

 Fitness sissy squat machine is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to work on the condition of the abdominal muscles and buttocks.

 The bench allows you to perform the exercise of deep sissy squats correctly, which translates into maximum muscle utilization during exercise.

 However, it is a product that requires regular and properly performed exercises, if you do not have time to do training several times a week, better choose another option.

The advantages of the Sissy bench include:

  • adjustable seat height and leg distance from the cushion, thanks to which you can easily adjust it to your figure,
  • padding, calf pad and rubber feet for comfortable with leg extensions,
  • stability and solidity of execution and heavy-duty or weighted sissy squat,
  • anti-slip footplate diamond plated base,
  • the compact design of this piece of equipment is good space-saving in the home gym.

It also has some disadvantages:

  • it's heavy, so find a permanent place for it,
  • is only equipment for exercising the legs and buttocks,
  • padding for comfortable which is difficult to clean.

Why Sissy bench?

Sissy squats bench ensures that you keep the correct posture when doing squats, it is extremely important during these exercises.

 Any departure from the norm can cause that the exercises will not bring any positive results, on the contrary, they can bring only problems. However, this equipment requires discipline.

 Although it makes it easier to maintain the correct posture, it requires us to control our movements all the time.

Match perfectly

Sissy squat bench also has the ability to fully adjust both the backrest and leg supports and the distance of the legs from the pillow.

Sissy Squat Machine

Thanks to this, we can match the equipment perfectly.

 However, in setting the bench should help us a professional trainer who will know what attitude we should take during squats.

Non-slip foot base

Roman chair squat machine also has a non-slip foot base, thanks to which we have full control over our posture and we do not have to fear to fall during exercises. However, it is small, so people with larger foot sizes may feel insecure about it.

Sissy squat machine

The best for everyone

Many people who have already bought the Sissy bench sit very favorably about it. On most sales platforms it has a pine larger than 4.5 / 5!

 This is a sensational product that has been helping professionals for years to build the right foundation when doing squats, also with a barbell and extra weight!

Instead of buying a Sissy bench right away, you can try a few different alternative ways to learn squats first.

Sissy squat bench

Roman chair squat machine opinion

Sissy squats opinion

Another technique

The first is the technique called wall squats. If we want to effectively use the squat near the wall, we should face it by touching our toes with our fingers. We place the feet wider than the width of our shoulders.

 We try to get as low as possible during the squat, holding our arms above the head, which will strongly use the fascia strips of our body in motion.

 People with tightly contracted fascial tapes can do this type of exercise by keeping their hands down between their knees, like a dead sumo.

Squats with ball

The second way is squat by the wall with the ball behind you. Make a squat so that your hips extend back and touch the wall with your body. Let your back be straight. Keep your feet flat on the ground on the shoulder width.

 Keep your knees outward, but make sure they do not cross the toes. The calves should be placed parallel to the wall. Keep your arms out to improve your balance.

 In this position, stop your body for 7-10 seconds, then stand up, relax for a moment tense muscles and repeat the exercise.

Squat on the height

The third alternative way is to squat on the height. If you are afraid of going backwards downwards and not going back to the upright as a wandering-up wandering, try squatting to the edge of a box or bench of the right height. (alternative 3)

 Before you buy a bench squat, check these three techniques, thanks to which you will find out whether your body is properly built to practice squats at all!

Leg workout sissy squats

You can also use leg workout sissy squats. This is a very simple exercise that involves working on calf and thigh muscles. To properly perform them, you should stand slightly apart, so that your feet are set to the width of your hips.

 Then squat is done. Legs bends at the knees and, floating on the toes, tries to coil perpendicular to the ground while torso leaning backwards. You should almost touch your heels with your buttocks.

Sissy Butt Popping Exercise

A very good exercise for firming the buttock muscles are also exercises with the ball mentioned earlier. It is a very simple exercise, but it requires a lot of strength and endurance from us. We lie on our backs, we put our hands along the torso.

The ankles and feet are based on the ball. We connect the feet with soles, deflecting the knees sideways. Then lift the buttocks and back, supporting the body weight on the shoulders. We tighten all muscles and maintain this position for 5 - 10 seconds.

Sissy Squats Benefits

Performing sissy squats will help those who want to achieve the perfect shape of the quadriceps muscle. Unlike traditional squats with dumbbells or barbells, they do not particularly increase hip volume and muscle mass.

 To achieve the best effect, such squats should be combined with other exercises for the legs.

Leg training: Sissy Squat for More Quad Strength

During sissy squat, no weight is used or very light weight is used. They are a great complement to training for the quadriceps muscles of the thighs to outline them even more when, for example, competition is approaching.

 Maybe they won't build big thighs, but many well-known bodybuilders have used them in their training programs, so they will definitely benefit.

 These exercises in particular affect the muscles above the knee and are a great way to train legs for women and complement various disciplines.


Sissy squat bench is therefore an ideal way to fight unnecessary kilograms and to carve nice legs and buttocks. It allows you to maintain an appropriate posture during exercise, increases exercise performance and facilitates their performance.


If you are determined to buy a Sissy bench, you can do it HERE!

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