Sports Research Sweet Sweat Ab Roller Wheel Review 2021

In this Sports Research Sweet Sweat Ab Roller Wheel Review post, we’re going to break down each and every aspect of the product in order that you can train your body and then you become more strong. 

A strong core is a very necessary part of whether you lead a typical life or you’ve become an athlete. To become success in life, it’s necessary to have a decent body figure. However, one of the secret ways to strengthen core is to train ab muscles with an ab roller wheel. Very importantly, it’ll help you to become free from back pain. 

Sports Research Sweet Sweat Ab Roller Wheel Review: 

If you’re someone that you want to target your obliques besides your ab muscles, then you must choose the sports research sweet sweat ab roller wheel for you. This is such an ab roller wheel that is allowed anyone to train obliques along with ab muscles. Keep reading this article until it finishes. 

Product Specifications: 

Here’s the core basic information of the product. Wink your eyes so that you can get the core idea about the product. 

Name:  Sports Research Sweet Sweat Ab Roller Wheel
Manufactured By:  Sports Research
Product Dimensions:  11 x 8.3 x 5 inches;
Shipping Weight:  2.7 pounds;
Shipping Condition:  Free Shipping;
Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars;
ASIN:  B01BL1134S;
Brand Awareness:  A well-established brand in the industry;
Sold By:  Amazon;
Item Model Number:  SR_ABROLL;
Edition’s level of Recommendation:  Highly recommended for both newcomers and professionals. 

Key Features & Their Benefits: 

Here’re the key features and the benefits of the product. Look at a glance! 

Core Construction: 

The core is the main component of not only the human body but also any gym equipment product. And when it comes to choosing any ab roller wheel, it’s momentous to check if the core of the product is good or not. 

Anyway, the core of this product is made of high-quality material. So if you consider this ab roller wheel for you, you’ll never have to purchase another one in the long run. 


The wheel of this product is wider than many others. That’s why you’ll be able to easily target your obliques in no time. On the wheel, there are plenty of shafts in two rows. These shafts will help you to control the roller how you want. 


Grip is an important part of any ab roller wheel, seriously! Needless to say that the grip of this ab roller wheel comes with an ergonomic design. On the handles of this wheel, there are many shafts so that you can grasp it with comfortability. 

Knee Pad: 

Everyone feels happy when they get any free item with the main product. Think of this, the Sports Research Sweet Sweat Ab Roller wheel manufacture provides this item with a knee pad. With this knee pad, you’ll be able to protect your knees from getting stains. 


We love this product mostly because of its amazing design. Its overall design is such beautiful that anyone cannot move his sight from it once they see it for the first time. On account of the color combination of black and yellow, it looks different from many other ab roller wheels. 

Price Comparison:

Its overall price is not so high compared to many other ab roller wheels in the current market that you won’t purchase it. Plus, it comes with a free knee pad which is good. Apart from this, it has a free shipment system for its consumers. 


  1. This ab roller wheel is easy to use. 
  2. Any age users are allowed to target their ab with this ab roller wheel. 
  3. Besides your entire ab muscles, you can easily tone your shoulders, arms,  backs, obliques with this machine. 
  4. The Sports Research Sweet Sweat Ab Roller Wheel is super easy to install and assemble. Even if you’re a complete newcomer in the industry, you’ll be able to cope up with this in no time. 
  5. Since it’s lightweight, so you can check it out and then consider it to continue your workout session during your traveling days. 
  6. This is one of the best ab roller wheels for both newcomers and professionals. 
  7. It comes with non-slip handles which design is great. 
  8. This bonus knee pad, that comes with it, will help you to protect your knees from getting injuries. 
  9. This outstanding booklet will show you the right path to reach your target in a short period of time. 
  10.   It is value for money. 
  11.  This ab roller wheel is pretty perfect for both gym center and home use. 


  •  The booklet that comes with this ab roller wheel has not written after enough research. 
  • Many of the previous buyers are shocked about the quality of the knee pad. 
  • Very few of the previous buyers are not happy with the edge of the wheel. So before buying this roller wheel, it’s important to check the wheel edge if you like it. 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Research Sweet Sweat Ab Roller Wheel: 

Here’re the most common questions along with their answers that are asked by many of us. Wink your eyes to avoid your doubt. 

Question: Will this ab roller wheel be helpful to get rid of stomach fat? 

Answer: Generally speaking, the only way to get rid of stomach fat is to burn more calories than you take. That’s because there is no relationship between reducing your stomach fat with the ab roller wheel. 

Question: is it perfect to target obliques? 

Answer: yes. It is. 

Question: what about the knee mat? 

Answer: the knee mat of this ab roller wheel is durable and sturdy enough. So you’ll easily be able to use this knee mat for a long period of time. However, it should have become wider. 

Question: how long are the handles? 

Answer: The overall length of the wheels is about 6’’.  

Final Verdict:  

In a nutshell, in the Sports Research Sweet Sweat Ab Roller Wheel review, we’ve broken down each and every aspect of the product. Let us know by commenting if you have any more questions about the product. 

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