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Treadmill Repair | How to Service Treadmill?[complete guide with tricks 2021]

It can be very frustrating when a treadmill breaks when you’re in the middle of using it. Nevertheless, something that’s even more irritating is the fact that it puts your entire workout to a halt. Well, don’t you worry for this article will give you complete insight on Treadmill repair.

It will give information on how much it costs to repair a treadmill, the equipment required, repair centers, common mistakes and much more.

What is Treadmill Repair?

Breakages in exercise equipment/fitness equipment are not unheard of. This includes treadmills.In fact you must have personally experienced this, where your treadmill suddenly stops working. Or in some cases a part of a treadmill dysfunctions.

Simply said treadmill repair is where all breakages of the treadmill are renewed via fixation. Some of the most common treadmill repairs are; motor, belt and electronics.

How Much does treadmill repair Cost?

According to thumbtack.com fitness equipment repair on treadmills- cost varies between the following areas;

  • Maintenance-

    this includes cleaning the rear roller, interior vacuuming, cleaning and aligning of walking belt, securing loose screw etc. These types of service repair costs on average $125.
  • Repair-

    replacement of rollers and belts, mechanical repairs, lubricate walking belts etc.  these cost on an hourly basis on average of $100- $200
  • Replacement-

    this depends on the part that needs replacement. Motor- $500 and above, tread belt-$200- $300 and drive belts- $50- $100

Treadmill repair Equipment Needed:

Equipment needed for repairing depends on which area of the treadmill requires fixing. Some of the main areas are as follows;

  • Belt-

    it is common that drive belt and walking belt might loosen or damage over time. In a case that it needs replacement new tread belts and drive belts will be required. If it’s only loosened or damaged then treadmill belt repair tape is required. And if the belt is heated then belt lubrication is needed.
  • Motor-if a motor wears out then it definitely requires replacement. A new motor is required.

  • Electronics-

    this is to do with a non- working control panel or a treadmill that does not start. Depending on the issue new pair of batteries or new electrical wires will be required.
Rent a Treadmill for Home Use

However, some other equipment’s required for small repairs on a treadmill are:

  • Cotton cloth
  • Silicone lubricant
  • Non- abrasive cleaner
  • Allen wrenches- regular
  • T- shaped Allen wrench- large
  • Console wire
  • Drive motor belt
  • Roller pulley
  • Power cord

Nevertheless always refer manuals when repairing a treadmill such as the True treadmill repair manual and sole treadmill repair manual. These will make the repairing of a treadmill much more simple and clear. And it will help to get your treadmill back into top condition.

Exercise Equipment Repair Centers

Want to get your treadmill or any exercise fitness equipment repaired? the main question that will pop into your head will be ‘where to repair?’

There are many fitness repair centers across the US that is highly recommended. So if you decide to repair your treadmill consider the following options.

  • Gold gym- This is not just a gym. But they also do repair services to almost any type of gym equipment. They have helped over 8MM worldwide and are highly rated.
  • Treadmill repair CT- This service center is specialized in residential repairs. They also do treadmill maintenance. And not just treadmills but any type of gym equipment can be maintained or repaired.
  • Treadmill repairs MN- Some repair centers you can visit in Minneapolis are: Bob’s treadmill repair, Johnson fitness and wellness and Sears appliance repair.
  • Pacemaster treadmill repair- If the treadmill that requires repairing is a Pacemaster then try Treadmill Repair Company of Massachusetts. Or refer PaceMasterService.com that is specialized in Pacemaster repairs.
  • True fitness technology- leading manufacturer of fitness equipment. They also do repairs and maintenance.

Benefits of Treadmill Repair

Getting your treadmill fixed by one of the best repair centers, greatly benefits you. The following points prove this statement.

  • Perfection in repair- If you get your treadmill fixed for a cheap price by a repair center that is not recognized a small fault in the repair service can cause damage to the treadmill even more. Or issues might arise in the future. But get it repaired by the best and perfection is guaranteed.
  • Quality assurance- after repairing, the area which required repair will not continue to dysfunction or break for a long period of time. This is due to quality service.

Repairing a treadmill by yourself at home also consists of certain benefits.

  • Low cost- Using a fitness repair service is very costly along with the service cost. However, self-fixing a treadmill saves a lot of money as you will only have to spend on the items required.
  • Knowledge- you will gain skills on treadmill repair which will provide the adequacy to teach other individuals.

Disadvantages of Treadmill Repairs

  • Costly- repair services can be costly especially if it’s a top rated service center.
  • Frequent breakage- self repairing of treadmills lead to frequent breakage as it is not done by a professional. Or it will even cause further damage to the treadmill.

Treadmill repair- Common Mistakes

  • Maintenance- Many people make the mistake of not maintaining their treadmill daily. If you don’t frequently maintain your treadmill e.g. lubricating the rollers and belt, tightening loose screws etc. This will lead to further damage which will require a professional repair service.
  • Repair services can be expensive, leading to unnecessary spending. Therefore, save your money by maintaining your treadmill frequently.
  • Quality service- If your treadmill faces a breakage makes sure you repair it through a company which offers quality service. Cheap services are not always high quality. And this will lead to more frequent breakages in the future. Avoid this by using a quality service once and for all.
  • Second hand treadmill parts- Avoid using second hand parts when self-repairing a treadmill. It may be cheap but this will make the chances of your treadmill breaking high, costing you even more money.
  • Manuals- many people don’t refer manuals when they face an issue with their treadmill. They go straight to a repair center only to realize it’s a small issue that could have been fixed by them. Always refer a manual if you face any issue. This will save you from a lot of inessential spending.


Overall, treadmill breakage is something that’s avoidable if you maintain it daily or every time you use it. However, in some cases a repair will be necessary. Such as if there’s a broken motor or a belt. If you decide to go ahead with a repair service make sure to select a high quality one.

This will save your treadmill from frequent breakages. But if you decide to self-repair don’t forget to use a manual as it will come in handy.

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