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Review on the Xterra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black

I found the Xterra fitness TR150 folding treadmill black when I was struggling with overweight. This all happened in the past years where I was able to do jogging regularly, but with my thriving business, I begun to hardly find time for it. This made me overweight.

 But I sought for methods in which I can gain similar exercises at my home environment. And that’s when I found the Xterra fitness TR150.

Nevertheless, this transformed me back to slim. So, I recommend Xterra fitness tr150 folding treadmill black as the greatest opportunity to maintain your figure and weight. This is an affordable machine for running, walking and is one of the best in its price range.

Xterra treadmill is a flexible machine which keeps you moving all the time, with lots of modern facilities. It’ll approach you when you need it and stays away folded all the other times. So you can handle this even in a limited space.

Things consider before purchasing the Xterra Fitness TR150 folding Treadmill.

This Treadmill is suitable for people who are suffering from obesity and who are keen on sharpening your figure. Regardless of any age limit, anyone of you can add a bit of exercise into your life at a considerable price.

If you’re looking for a treadmill that you could walk or jog on Xterra folding treadmill is your perfect solution. No problem even if you are a runner, you can gain your required amount of training by this.

Furthermore, remember to consider the following facts before purchasing an Xterra fitness tr150 folding treadmill.

  • How much space does it require?
  • Budget
  • Concern the warranty period.
  • How often maintenance is needed?
  • Any extra options.
  • Reviews of the product.

What is the Xterra Fitness tr150 folding treadmill black?

Xterra fitness tr150 is specially designed for the home environment. Its budget is favourable to your wallet. This treadmill works very well, so never create an unsure like cheap stuff is less quality.  

The xtrasoft cushioned running deck in Xterra fitness is designed for maximum shock and impact absorption moreover it minimizes stress on your joints. Other features include; adjustable 3 manual inclination settings, work out programs and wide running platform. Overall it gives you comfort while you’re on your exercises.

Presence of a folding deck saves lots of space at your home. The large 5″ LCD screen shows you the information calories burnt, speed, distance, incline and pulse rate. Holders are there to hang your water bottle, Walkman, TV remote and phone.

A 2.25 HP motor is fitted to this treadmill that can achieve the speed from 0.5-10mph. This motor is built to withstand high-speed running, jumping or walking. Frequent usage of this treadmill won’t shoot your electricity bills as the motor runs on minimal energy.

Furthermore, this treadmill will promise you to help you lose your weight faster. It ensures that the stubborn areas of your body will be easily tuned with the regular use of the product.

Unlike the expensive version Xterra Fitness TRX2500 folding treadmill black, this lacks backlit LCD display. But this is enough to get your work done in a way that suits your money.  Both of these treadmills have similar great features and help you burn your calories.

Nevertheless, some pros and cons of this treadmill are as follows.


  • Transportation is easy since fitted wheels are present.
  • Perfect to store in small spaces due to the folding deck.
  • Electricity usage is low.
  • XTRAsoft cushioning helps to prevent injuries.
  • Watch videos and listen to music while walking on the machine as it bears tablet holders and personal belonging holders.
  • Easy accessory trays are present on the dashboard.
  • The assembly is simple and quick.


Below are some of the features that this treadmill lacks. But, what you wouldn't expect from a treadmill in this price range. They only add extra experiences but the absence of them doesn't stop you from getting good exercises!

  • There’s no Bluetooth support or other means of connecting to other mobile compatible apps.
  • Not possible to add a heart rate monitoring system such as POLAR or chest strap transmitter.
  • Has no USB port or an inbuilt cooling fan.
  • Isn’t suitable for heavy runners as the weight capacity is only 250 lbs.

Features and Benefits of the Xterra fitness TR150 folding treadmill- Running Surface, Incline settings and Much More

Foldable- Similar to any exercise machine this too, consumes space when you’re doing exercises. But once you finish the fitness session, you can easily fold it up and store in a small space. Big enough for running but small when folded.

Incline settings- There’re 3 different levels but this is super easy to do. If you want to change the elevation, pull the pin from the stabilizer. And go to the desired point and re-enter the pin safely

Handgrip pulse sensors- They’re easily mounted on the sides of the handlebars. They help you to achieve your goals in your training zone.

Preset programs- There’re 12 preset programs. But you can use the manual program or accept varieties of workouts.

Comfort cell cushioning- Running causes shocks on our knees and joints. But Xtrasoft cushioning in the deck makes your running sessions feel more manageable with no pains. By reducing the impact on each leg by 20% this folding treadmill will provide a smooth running experience.

Alternative Treadmills for Xterra fitness tr150 folding treadmill black

One will don’t prefer this product due to different reasons like out of stock or you just prefer a different treadmill. If so, you can try the following alternatives.

TRX2500 Treadmill- Weight capacity is high with 300lbs and has 24 preset programs.

TRX3500 Treadmill- Boosts a 3.0 HP motor with 350lbs weight capacity and 30 preset programs.

TRX4500 Treadmill- A heavy-duty motor with 3.25 HP. Boasts 350lbs weight capacity and 30 preset programs.

All these alternatives are expensive than this treadmill and have 12mph maximum speed, blue backlit LCD screen, larger belts and cooling fans.  

Xterra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black Review

Furthermore, it has an overall rating of 4.1 on Amazon with 57% 5-star ratings and 21% 4-star ratings.

However, I did some research and came across many good reviews. The following is a review of a particular participant in the Amazon about the Xterra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black. That particular person writes it honestly and expresses his real experiences.

xterra fitness tr150 folding treadmill black review


 This is an entry-level model so it's probably perfect for intermediate runners or beginners. Although the price is low and inclinations are manually adjustable, this treadmill is steel. And at this price range, you can’t get something more than this.

Moreover, the motor is not heavy duty. But still, you can gain a pretty decent speed of 10mph which is sufficient for most runners. Even more expensive models go up to 12mph only.

It’s overall a good basic model for home use. So don’t be late, click here in order to purchase this treadmill which is linking to Amazon.Com. And make your home gym with the Xterra fitness treadmill, stay healthy, stay in shape!